Join us for weekly stewardship and educational events in Puna. We will be stewarding our local Puna Community from Mauka to Makai. This event will include cleanups at local beaches, parks, and along roads & highways. Each month we will gather to steward the 'Aina and to create healthy, sustainable solutions for our local Community. Project Kuleana includes Educational Events on Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Sustainability.

AINA = Land
MAUKA = Up Mountain
MAKAI = Towards Ocean
MALAMA = To take care of and respect

For many, this is our home and community. For others who are visiting, their hearts are forever changed by the beauty they find on this island. Whatever draws you to service or a sense of responsibility (Kuleana) please join us as stewards of the 'Aina... of our local Community. Together, we can keep trash off the highways, roads, and out of the beach areas along Red Road where keiki play. Let's make sure that the trash (garbage, ocean trash, plastics, ghost nets, etc) are being recovered from the local ecosystems and recycled properly. Let's come together to discuss ways these materials can be Up-Cycled into other materials that would be useful to the community.

If its your kuleana to malama da aina... we look forward to seeing you at our events. Mahalo!

Monthly Schedule
* Cleanup locations and times will be posted to the event discussion each week. Check the discussion thread to get up to date info on each weeks event, location, and cleanup totals.

* Once a month a meeting will be held at Uncle Roberts in Kalapana to discuss the project and ways we can all help our local community and environment.

* Sign in and register at event booth every week to get involved in the cleanup events.

Details: Please bring trash bags and gloves to pick up trash with. Also, its important to bring enough water to stay hydrated while you're out on the beach - Make sure to bring Water. Be prepared to cut ghost nets that are along the shoreline, or to help haul bags of trash from the beach. If you are able to haul garbage to the transfer station after the cleanup, let us know.

Please RSVP on the Facebook Event Page, or by Email (

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Found a spot that needs help from the Community?

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