Hawaiian-themed laser-cut wood jewelry & more

HOLOMUA  | Translation: To have positive expectancy, and be optimistic.

Nizo Natural Precision - We have been truly inspired with Michael since meeting him at his Hilo-based marketplace in early 2018.  To our team and Ohana, Michael is the definition of a person who glows positive energy and has a true heart of gold! From educational puzzles and pieces for children, to beautifully designed jewelry... He makes it all and puts his heart into his work!  If you are in Hilo and would like to visit his store, or would like to learn more, take a visit to his website: https://www.nnprecision.com

About Michael & Nizo Natural Precision:  "Michael Nizo, is an artist in Hilo, originally from Kekaha, Kaua`i  who works with woods like birch, poplar, mahogany, and koa. Michael sells finely designed Hawaiian-themed laser-cut wood jewelry, fun educational puzzles, key chains, lamps, coasters, and ornaments mostly at craft fairs. He graduated in 2013 from Technology for Untapped Talent, where he learned computer-aided design and laser-cutting. He honed his skills at The Makery in Hilo. Michael now owns and operates his own business, Nizo Natural Precision. The name stems from his surname, Nizo, the fact that he works with only natural materials, and uses a laser so that each piece is cut with absolute precision. Michael goes into his studio in Pana‘ewa about three days a week to create and produce. 

This is Hawaii Mokupuni Puzzle

The traditional land divisions of pre-contact Hawaiians was based on the sustainability and self-reliance within community watershed areas (Ahupuaa) as well as within Bioregions (Moku) and lastly individual Sovereign Islands (Mokupuni).  These natural land divisions were the result of the flow of water over the land.

Huina means to count

This puzzle teaches to count to 10 in Hawaiian 


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