Hawaiian Reforestation Program

"Our program plants native trees and flora on public lands of Big Island Hawaii."



Planting Native Hawaiian Tree Species such as:

  • Sandalwood (Iliahi)
  • Koa
  • Ko'oko'olau



Hawaiian Sandalwood

"Iliahi "

Speak it in Hawaiian... "ill-lee-ah-hee"


Native Hawaiian "Iliahi" (Sandalwood) is a key piece to the Mauna Kea ecosystem.

Sandalwood was unfortunately one of the first agricultural commodities on Big Island over the last 100+ years. Because of this, most of the species, and intact forests had been cut down and exported for profit. The goal of the Hawaiian Reforestation Program is to plant as many of the native species back onto the slope of Mauna Kea as possible. We hope that one day the Eco-systems of Mauna Kea will fully heal and can be enjoyed by future generations.



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