We offer a variety of educational events based around Sustainability, Natural Farming, and Environmental Stewardship.


Events offered throughout the Hawaiian Islands

  • Private Classes & Workshops are available
  • Host a Local Event near you


Supporting the Local Hawaiian Community

  • Events are focused on supporting Hawaiian Culture, Community, Environment, and Future Generations.
  • Class are taught by a trained instructor and limited to 20 attendees.
  • Elders 60 and over get in free.  Children under 12 years old get in free.
  • Free admission to all Hawaiian Kingdom, LHG, Kanaka Rangers, and Kanaka Maoli.



GREEN BUILDING WITH HEMP   |  Get immersed in Green Building Classes & Workshops

  • Introductory Classes on building with Hempcrete
  • Advanced Hands-on Hemp Building Workshops


WORKING IN SYNERGY WITH NATURE   |  Free Educational Classes for the Local Community

Join us as we talk about sustainable, Earth-friendly ways to work in synergy with Nature. This event will be a free introductory class into Industrial Hemp and all of the ways it can help create solutions for Natural Farmers, Greenhouse/Garden Growers, Ecosystems, and for Building Green. If you have been wanting to learn about Hemp and see the materials that can be made from it, this is an event you will want to attend. This is a Family-friendly event for all ages.

Thai Food at the Tuk-Tuk Truck will be available for anyone coming to the event with an appetite.


ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP EVENTS  |  Help keep our Beaches & Parks Clean