We offer a variety of educational events based around Sustainability, Natural Building, Renewable Energy, Natural Farming, and Environmental Stewardship.


Events offered throughout the Hawaiian Islands

  • Private Classes, Courses, and Workshops are available.
  • Host a Local Event near you. Book an event for your group.



Supporting the Local Hawaiian Community

  • Events are focused on supporting Hawaiian Culture, Community, Environment, and Future Generations.
  • All educational events are led by a trained instructor and limited to 20 attendees.


Classes, Courses, and Workshops



We are proud to be partnered with Hemp Building Solutions for our Natural Building Events & Education.

If you are interested in natural building or educational events in the Hawaiian Islands, please contact Hemp Building Solutions.


Get immersed in Green Building Techniques & Technologies

  • Introductory Classes on building with Hempcrete
  • Advanced Hands-on Hemp Building Workshops
  • Finishing Courses on Interior/Exterior Earth Plastering


Events offered throughout the Hawaiian Islands

  • Private Classes & Workshops are available
  • Host a Local Hemp Event near you.  Have a private event for your group.


Professional Consultation & Building Services

  • Provided by Hemp Building Solutions
  • Consultation Services available
  • Eco-Village Design & Building
  • Get the info you need to build your own structure.
  • Private Hands-on Educational Events & Guided building projects are available.



AirBnb, Eco Villages, Property Owners, and Retreat Centers

We can help turn your vision into reality.






Its a huge year already and its just getting started! Lots of people are making the move to Hemp in Hawaii, and one home owner is opening his Hemp Home Building Project to our event attendees in June/July 2019. Who's ready for some amazing Hempcrete Educational Events in Hawaii?



Hawaiian Home Building Project including Beginner, Advanced, and Finishing Level Educational Events.

Location: Mountain View, HI

We are proud to announce the dates and details for our upcoming June/July 2019 Hempcrete Educational Events in the Hawaiian Islands! This summer we will be hosting several hands-on events at a Hemp Home building project located in Mountain View, HI (Big Island). This event will be located about 25 minutes outside of Hilo, Hawaii. If you are visiting the Hawaiian Islands for this event and would like to find a place to stay, or need help getting to/from the event - please contact us, we can help. Mahalo!
Intro to Hempcrete - 1 Day Class
Ticket Price: $30 per person
Dates: 6/20, 6/21
Time: 12pm-6pm
Material covered: In this class we will be discussing the basics of building with Hempcrete. This will include education on History, Materials, Mixing, and more. We will get hands on and mix up sample batches of Hempcrete during the event. We are hosting 2 separate Intro Classes.

Advanced Hands-on Workshop - 3 Days
Ticket Price: $150 per person
Dates: 6/25-6/27
Time: 9am-6pm
Material covered: For the intro to this event we will be discussing the basics of building with Hempcrete. This will include education on History, Materials, Mixing, and more. We will get hands on and mix up sample batches of Hempcrete during the event and then move into working directly on a Hempcrete Home building project. This workshop will include advanced immersion into techniques, technologies, and applications of Hempcrete that will give attendees the skills they need to create their own structures.

Advanced Hands-on Workshop - 1 Day
Want to attend our Advanced Workshop but only for 1 Day?  Choose a day out of our 3 Day Workshop and attend for a ticket price of $75.

Advanced Course on Finishing with Earthen Plaster - 3 Weeks (6 Full Days)
Ticket Price: $300 per person
Dates: 6/25-6/26
Time: 9am-6pm
Material covered: In this advanced finishing course we will be teaching attendees how to create their own Earthen Plasters for finishing the interior/exterior wall surfaces of Hempcrete Structures. This finishing class will be extremely informative for those looking to create affordable, yet beautifully finished structures. This class will be instructed over 6 full days onsite at a Hemp Home Building Project. Classes will be scheduled for Tuesdays & Thursdays for Weeks 1,2,3.  Contact us direct if you have any questions about the 3 Week Course.







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