10 Tips When Getting a Children’s Performer

1. Are you currently an expert artist?

2. Would you carry public insurance? Accidents can and do happen.

3. Are you currently CRB (Criminal History Records Bureau) Police checked? You wouldn’t want a criminal at the children’s party.

4. What range entertainment would you provide?

5. What games are performed? Would be the children “out” or involved throughout all of the games? It’s most significant the kids aren’t “out” as they’ve got absolutely nothing to do while the remainder of game continues.

6. May be the entertainment varied? A 1 hour magic show is really a lengthy time for a kid to sit down through however good it might be. However, split the appear with puppets, magic methods and balloon modelling or even a disco and a couple of hrs will fly by.

7. Are you currently part of any magic societies or organisations like Equity? (Equity may be the Union of Performers and Artists) Even though this is not really a guarantee of quality of labor, it will likely be safer than hiring someone who isn’t an expert.

8. Have you got a website? If that’s the case, take a look at it to determine how professional the performer looks.

9. Talk to the performer on the telephone. When they encounter well on the telephone, they ought to encounter well at the time.

10. Don’t concentrate on cost. Everything pointed out above, insurance, memberships etc have a price and need to be compensated for thus the professional artist will sometimes be more costly than someone performing like a hobby. It doesn’t mean all amateur entertainers can be harmful, but if they’re not insured or checked you can expose yourself to some claim, or perhaps worse don’t have any performer at the time as their regular job has had preference over your booking.