Wholistic Synergy is a growing international collective of like minded individuals coming together to create positive Social, Economic, & Environmental change in the world.  Our organization has an ever growing database of role model Regenerative Farms & Agroecosystems, Educational Events & Teachers, Bio-Based Solutions & Health-Conscious ProductsWe are a Mission-Driven Organization that is on the cutting edge of the Sustainable & Regenerative Agriculture movements. The path we follow is one of 'Lead by Example' in all we do. Our focus is on creating a healthy planet for the kids, and all life on our planet - who are depending on our positive action in these times. By working together in synergy we can create limitless positive potential. Our organization is built upon a Social Entrepreneurship framework, which means Wholistic Synergy operates as a front-end role model "Low-Profit Organization" that is tied to several back end "Non-Profit Organizations." We are dedicated to creating positive Social, Economic, & Environmental change in the world with our collective funds & efforts. We help each other to move things forward in synergy, which creates an exponential spike in positive impact & forward movement vs. what each group can accomplish on their own separately. This model recognizes that there are pros & cons to For-Profit & Non-Profit organizations and that the only way to work as a whole is to combine forces.  As we move forward into the years ahead, we will be hosting many local & global education events, and helping to bring positive impact projects with us everywhere we go. 

Thank you for being here with us to make this all possible!