Welcome to Wholistic Synergy

We are here to lead by example and be role models in the world. Our Low-Profit, Mission-driven Organization is here to drive our collective funds into projects that have a true positive impact locally in Hawaii & Beyond. Instead of just talking about the issues, we are working together to create solutions.

Health & Wellness

Working directly with Local Organic Farmers, Plant-based Chefs, and members of the Healing Arts Community to help restore human & environmental health.


Working from the soil up to create Earth-friendly solutions in Agriculture, Horticulture, Ethical Manufacturing, Eco-Fashion, and Green Building. Our organization supports Local Hawaiian Farmers and is a member of the HFUU (Hawaiian Farmers Union United). Join us for weekly Farm Tours in Hawaii!

Positive Impact

Local Community Events, Beach & Park Cleanups, Supporting Native Plant,Tree, & Reef Biodiversity, Educational Events, and more.
Local Products, Services, Workshops, Events, and more

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